The Best Games like Com and Xcom 2

Want to play a game like Xcom , this crazy title that perfectly combines management, strategy, and turn-based combat? If you have completed the first two installments of the rebooted series in 2012, and you are looking for titles with this same concept, you have come to the right place. We present to you a selection of games like Xcom so that you can satisfy your desires as quickly as possible, on PC, consoles, or mobile!

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Mutant Year Zero is a game like Xcom, sprinkled with a touch of Fallout. You will take control of a group of mutants armed to the teeth, and you will have to move forward in a very believable post-apocalyptic world, with its many details.

The exploration aspect is coupled with strategy and stealth, and the tactical turn-based combat is thrilling. With your team of mutant humanoids (mixtures of men with the pig or the duck, in particular), you travel through this devastated world in order to reach the Eden of legends, a haven of peace that my survivors speak of ...

Discover this excellent title, developed by former creators of Hitman and Payday, and dive into this ruined world with a game that is not lacking in humor. A little gem!


Xenonauts presents itself as a strategic planetary defense simulator, and that's exactly what it is! We are faced with a game like Xcom, with the difference that the graphics are not in 3D, but they opt for an interesting isometric view.

In the middle of the Cold War, you will have to fight against the alien invasion, with the help of elite troops that you will send on a mission. It will be necessary to intercept the aliens, destroy them in turn-based combat, harvest their technology to advance research, and improve the means of repelling them, in order to save the earth.

We are clearly dealing with a spiritual successor to Xcom , with this possibility of managing the defenses of the entire planet, from your organization's HQ. Make the right decisions, choose the right strategy, and the aliens will return home with their tentacles between their legs!

Invisible, Inc.

In this turn-based strategy game, you will compose teams of Invisible agents, whom you will send to infiltrate the offices of the world's largest corporations at the risk of their lives. We find the tension that can be in games like Xcom, with bad decisions that can ruin all your efforts at once, or conversely a masterstroke that will lead you to victory.

Invisible, Inc. asks you to improve your agents, as the game progresses, and to take advantage of each person's skills to thwart the traps and survive. Exciting, the game has great gameplay, several game modes, and a Cyberpunk vibe that should enchant fans of the genre.


Take part in a space war, in this game like Xcom which makes you travel in 3025. It is not the world that we have known anymore and now, the combat (turn-based) is done with huge and over-armed Mechas. If you are a robot fan, whether the Gundam or Macross universes bring back good memories, this is the title to try.

In this title, it will be necessary to fight, but also to manage your bases, to improve them, to negotiate contracts, and to take care of your robots or your mercenaries, so that the victory is yours. With its credible universe, its superb graphics, and a scenario that we follow with pleasure, Battletech will delight those who seek to rediscover the sensations of a game like Xcom, in addition to brutal.

The Last Spell

This tactical RPG with rogue-lite mechanics puts you in the shoes of fighters who have a crucial mission to carry out: to defend the last bastion of humanity, against hordes of monsters who sow chaos, night after night.

The title mixes the phases of collecting and rebuilding your city, during the day, a moment that will also allow you to organize your defenses. They will not be useless when the twilight comes and the darkness that accompanies it! At night, the fighting takes over and we will have to hold on… Until the end.

With Xcom-style gameplay, Minecraft-like monsters, magic, and fun storytelling to follow, The Last Spell will delight fantasy lovers.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Shadowrun Dragonfall is considered by some players to be the most successful tactical RPG experience and it is true that this Xcom-style game, with its Cyberpunk universe and its many missions, has many strengths to showcase.

You will find yourself in a dystopian future where magic and technology come together, and you will lead characters who all have a developed background. The immersion in history is total and each of your choices will have to be carefully considered.

It's very nice, the experience acquired over the course of the game allows you to build an increasingly solid and balanced team to face the dangers and with the more than 200 weapons at your disposal, the fights will require you to establish sound strategies, under penalty of immediate sanctions.

An excellent title with a unique atmosphere, to recommend to all those who want to dive into a new universe.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Fans of games like Xcom must certainly raise their eyebrows when they see the combination of Mario and Raving Rabbids in this selection. However, this title is surprising in more than one way and it allows a very large fringe of gamers to discover turn-based combat.

If we will pass on the crazy scenario, as each time the Raving Rabbids invite themselves on an adventure, there are pleasant and accessible game mechanics, with a title that combines adventure, exploration, and battles.

Variety is the order of the day in the scenery crossed, the fun is omnipresent and if sometimes, the strategy leaves room for totally barred unforeseen events (which will frustrate those who plan their actions over several laps), the title is very fun to go alone or in co-op.

If you own the Nintendo Switch and are looking for a game like Xcom, don't hesitate to give this title a chance!

Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus

The Warhammer saga is one of the references for turn-based combat and strategy and this episode allows you to rediscover the pleasure of an Xcom, coupled with the strategic management and the universe specific to the Warhammer.

This critically acclaimed episode features over 50 missions, in which your choices will be capital. It will be necessary to prepare your fighters as they should be if you do not want to see them collapse in the first confrontation and to choose the right classes to face all the challenges.

The Necron tomb world in which the adventure takes place is teeming with details and the atmosphere that emerges from the title is particularly gripping. The immersion is strong, especially as we quickly get attached to the different characters. Fans will be in heaven, newcomers will discover a world apart and a game like Xcom, but with its own personality.